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Atelerix has a transformative technology for the storage and transport of viable cells at room temperature, overcoming the barriers and limitations presented by the current need for cryo-shipping. We do this using our patented process of encapsulating the cells in a natural hydrogel for safe shipment and storage. The cells can be recovered when needed by the addition of a gentle, cell-friendly buffer.

This means:

  • Predictability and reliability in drug discovery models and for cells used as therapies

  • Customers can use cells and assays immediately on arrival

  • No need for cryopreservation, nor need for cytotoxic or animal-derived supplements

  • Cells retain their natural state and are not damaged nor altered

Our technology helps you if you are:

In the business of selling cells

Discovering and testing new drugs

Developing cell therapies

Storing stem cells

Atelerix is led by Mick McLean, Che Connon and Stephen Swioklo


Dr Mick McLean

Mick is a chemist by training, a biologist by inclination and a businessman by experience, and is CEO for Atelerix. He’s led new ventures and start-up companies in drug discovery and development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research tools and contract research, and is driven by commercialising great science and growing businesses. He’s easily enthralled by fervent winemakers and plans to own his own vineyard one day…
Atelerix - Professor Che Connon

Professor Che Connon

Che is the scientific founder and CSO at Atelerix, and is passionate about cell biology and regenerative medicine. As Professor of Tissue Engineering at Newcastle University he loves improving our understanding of disease and wound healing, as well as applying this new knowledge in inventive ways to solve critical challenges in modern healthcare. He enjoys hoppy beers and taking relaxing walks along the local beaches with his family.
Atelerix - Professor Che Connon

Dr Stephen Swioklo

Steve is a co-founder of Atelerix and Senior Applications Scientist for the company, with a deep interest in the development of new technologies for biomedical applications. A research scientist by background he has always been fascinated by how we can use our understanding of cell biology to develop novel therapies to treat disorders arising from degeneration or injury. Steve also has a particular interest in approaches that we can take to maintain cell and tissue vitality away from the tightly controlled conditions of our bodies, to open up new possibilities for future healthcare.

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