A ground-breaking solution for cell preservation

The Atelerix technology provides an innovative solution for storing and transporting cells and tissues at room temperature. Our products consistently deliver viable, functional cells in a range of user-friendly formats.

Consistent delivery of viable, functional cells

The Atelerix method encapsulates cells in alginate gel, keeping them safe during storage and transport, and then releasing them ready-to-use when they reach their destination.

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A simple preservation process

Our cell preservation process is a quick and simple one. Encapsulation and release are user-friendly and cell-friendly, and easy to implement across your business and your customers.

It creates flexibility in workflows and shipment, and removes the need for expedited shipments of cryopreserved packages.

3 Products

Convenient product formats: BeadReady™, WellReady™, and TissueReady™

21 Days

Days for which we've stored MSCs at room temperature

300% Increase

In recovery of monocytes compared to frozen

1 Site

Number of cGMP manufacturing sites you'll need to ship your fresh cell therapy worldwide

Quick, simple and low risk

“BeadReady is well suited to cell transportation purposes, as it is quick and eliminates the need for dry-ice containers, as well as all the hazards and paperwork associated with that; there is also no need for a waterbath, reducing the risk of contamination and with no waiting for the sample’s temperature to equilibrate”.

Tim Davies, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology 

Our team explains more about our technology

  • Why should you choose Atelerix Hydrogel?
    Atelerix Team

    The freezing and thawing of cells and tissues can be hugely damaging, cells often die or change their function in the process.

    Our approach is to encapsulate the cells in a hydrogel and store them at hypothermic temperatures (i.e. below 37°C) without freezing them. Not only are they protected biologically, but the gel also preserves them from the physical rigours of shipping.

    Importantly, when needed the cells are readily released from the gel in seconds by gentle dissolution in a cell friendly buffer.

    This innovative method is a revolutionary approach to transporting cells across the world without freezing them, meaning your cells reach your customers safely while eliminating the high costs and risks of expedited shipments of cryopreserved packages.

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  • Learn how our unique hydrogel solution works

    At Atelerix , we believe that cells should be treated with care and respect so they retain the ability to do what they’ve been programmed to do.

    Reducing the temperature from 37°C to room temperature or below, lowers the metabolic rate and makes the cells quiescent. Encapsulation in the gel protects the membrane from the damage that would otherwise occur at these cool temperatures, and the cells re-awake when the gel is dissolved and they’re returned to normal temperature.

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  • Our team answers your frequently asked questions

    Our hydrogel encapsulation technology is such an innovative change to storing and transporting cells and tissues that it’s no surprise that customers have questions about how it works and what to do. All our products come with detailed protocols that you’ll find easy to follow, but we’ve included below the answers to some of the questions we’re asked a lot.

    We can’t anticipate everything though, so please get in touch with us if you have any specific questions about your own cells or products.

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An innovative solution for storing and transporting cells and tissues at room temperature.