About Us

Crafting shelf-stable science inspired by hedgehogs, Atelerix is the answer to the cryopreservation headache. With a gel that's not just cool but doesn't need to be cold, they're setting cells, tissues, and viruses free from the icy grip of traditional storage and shipping methods. Welcome to the future of bioscience, where the storage is easy, and the cells are always fresh. 


What's in a name?

How do you name a new business? After the founders perhaps? Or something that says what you do – ‘BioGelloCellProtect’ maybe?

Being the geeks that we are, and thinking about what our technology does, we took inspiration from the practices of hedgehogs (Genus name: Atelerix) – specifically, the African four-toed pygmy hedgehog that hibernates when the temperature drops below about 20°C.

Since our products allow cells to do this too, we thought that was a cool name for the company and Atelerix was born!


Why We Exist

We simply can't abide by cryopreservation - you wouldn't freeze an animal, so why would you freeze your cells? Cold Chain Supply is an energy-intensive process, makes for carbon-heavy logistics and incurs damage associated with freeze-thaw. That's why we came up with a solution that extends the shelf-life of fresh biological products and protects from physical damage during shipment.



Pending funding and casting...


Leadership Team


Chairman - Mick McLean

Mick started his scientific journey studying Chemistry and then more laterally a Ph.D. in Nucleic Acid Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. He then moved on to complete post Docs in Molecular Biology and then Biophysics from the University of Alabama and Cambridge University, respectively.

Following his long career in Academia, Mick has over 30 years experience in life science companies in executive positions. Mick has been with Atelerix since 2017, formerly as th Chief Operating Officer.

Chief Executive Officer - Alastair Carrginton

Fifteen year’s experience overseeing commercial operations within rapid growth life science SMEs operating globally. Specialising in strategy and implementation for business acceleration, streamlining and growing commercial operations, companywide process & CRM integrations, establishing sales channels within new markets, marketing automation, product launches/commercialisation and business and corporate development.

Steve Swioklo - CSO & Founder

Steve did his PhD training at the University of Reading before conducting post-doctoral research at Newcastle University under the supervision of Prof. Che Connon. His post-doctoral research was focused on hydrogel-encapsulation of cells and tissues for room temperature preservation, with an emphasis on scalability and translatability to cell-based therapies. Throughout his research, he has had a key interest in mesenchymal stromal cell therapy and combining cell storage technologies with new ways to deliver cells for ocular wound healing. He has also explored other applications through which cell-encapsulation for storage can be used as an adjunct, such as 3D biofabrication.


Andy Evans

Dr Andy Evans is an entrepreneur, innovator and investor. He is co-founder of Mandashi - a family investment company which aims to make a positive difference to the world and our local community. He previously co-founded and was CEO of Xactium, a successful cloud based risk management software business which was acquired in 2020. He was a member of the Salesforce partner board, is director of the Mandashi Fund, and has a PhD in Software Engineering.

Through Mandashi, Andy provides investment and advice to a portfolio of start-ups with a particular focus on software companies in the north of the UK. He is a member of the Cambridge Angels and is focused on bridging the investment gap between the north and south.


Mission Statement

At our core, we're a bunch of mad scientists hellbent on shaking up the status quo. Our mission? To unleash the full potential of scientific and medical breakthroughs while giving Mother Nature a well-deserved break. We're not just talking about pushing boundaries; we're talking about smashing them to smithereens with our cutting-edge cell preservation solutions. 

Buckle up, folks, because we're about to take scientific and medical advancement on a fresh, first-class adventure – one that's equal parts genius and pure, unadulterated quirkiness.



1. Be Awesome

2. That's it (we'll leave the faux corporate values to the rest)



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