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TissueReady™ : Store and transport your fresh tissue, organoids and microtissues. 


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Pieces of fresh tissue are protected by immersion in our TissueReady™ formulation

It’s designed to be extraordinarily simple to use for the field-based collection of tissue samples, such as fresh biopsies. The kit comprises two vials; the piece of tissue is added to Vial A, and the contents of Vial B are then added to it and the vial is capped. The gel forms and the sample can be shipped, and the tissue is recovered at the destination by adding the release buffer to dissolve the gel.


Preserve your fresh tissues, organoids, and microtissues for up to 1 week*

Send fresh biological samples directly to your customers or collaborators.

Increase the quality and yield of viable cells from your tissues.

Increase flexibility by processing incoming tissues at a time that suits you.


Cells are mixed with a gel solution and then added to a vial containing gelation beads. After waiting for a few minutes, the gel will cure, encapsulating the cells in situ. The vial is sealed and ready for hypothermic storage or shipment. When ready to be used a gentle Dissolution Buffer is added to dissolve the gel. Cells can then be sedimented, resuspended and placed in culture.



Preserve tissue integrity for histopathological analysis 

Liver cancer tissue was retrieved from patients and sent to a clinical pathology laboratory where it was either processed immediately (non-stored) or stored in TissueReady™ PLUS or DMEM medium. Samples were stored for 2 days at room temperature before processing. Samples were fixed, paraffin embedded and sectioned before being stained for H&E. 

Isolate cells from preserved tissue  

Cancer tissue was preserved for 4-5 days at room temperature before cells were isolated by tissue dissociation. Isolated cells were expanded before being fixed and stained for Cytokeratin-7 to differentiate cancer cells from non-cancer cells. Left - Cell viability as determined by brightfield microscopy and trypan blue exclusion. Right - Viable cell yield calculated by counting the number of live cells using brightfield microscopy and trypan blue exclusion. 



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