Atelerix - We've Rebranded

Atelerix - We've Rebranded

A New Dawn for Atelerix: Embracing a Fresh, Vibrant Identity

Today marks an exciting milestone for Atelerix as we unveil our bold new branding and website, signifying our evolution from an academic spin-out to a thriving commercial entity in the life sciences industry. Brace yourselves, because we're about to shake things up with a fresh, vibrant identity that's as disruptive as our hypothermic cell preservation technology.

Our new visual identity is a vibrant departure from the typical life sciences aesthetic. With a playful colour palette and a design that exudes fun and quirkiness, we're shattering the mold of what a life sciences company should look like. Because let's be honest, who says scientific innovation can't be a little bit cheeky?

But our rebrand goes beyond just a fresh coat of paint. We've revamped our website to create a customer journey that's as engaging as it is informative. Prepare to be delighted by a touch of levity and quirky humour – because why should cutting-edge science be a dry affair?

Speaking of cutting-edge, we're thrilled to introduce our newest offering: BloodyReady, a revolutionary blood preservation product that's sure to make waves in the industry. Because at Atelerix, we're not just about preserving cells; we're about preserving the very essence of life itself.

At the core of our rebrand is a simple yet powerful message: hypothermic preservation is the future, and Atelerix is here to be the saviour of your cells. No more relying on outdated cryopreservation methods that leave your precious samples at the mercy of subzero temperatures. With our innovative hypothermic solutions, your cells can rest easy in a state of suspended animation, untouched by the indignities of freezing.

So, welcome to the new Atelerix – a brand that's as disruptive as it is delightful, as innovative as it is irreverent. We're here to shake up the life sciences industry with our game-changing technology and our unapologetically fresh approach. Get ready to experience science like never before, because at Atelerix, we're not just preserving cells; we're preserving the future of life itself.
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