New Publication Announcement! - Atelerix

New Publication Announcement!

Branco et al. have recently published an excellent paper showing the benefits of Atelerix technology in the preservation of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. Demonstrating the maintenance of MSC viability and therapeutic function, they conclude Atelerix technology is a viable solution for the storage and distribution of cell therapy products.

Access the full article here.

A big congratulations to all the authors who have worked hard on this paper, it is a great read!

MSc André Branco

MSc Ana L. Tiago

Dr. Paula Laranjeira

MSc Maria C. Carreira

MD João C. Milhano

Dr. Francisco dos Santos

Prof. Joaquim M. S. Cabral

MD Artur Paiva

Prof. Cláudia L. da Silva

Dr. Ana Fernandes‐Platzgummer

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