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Atelerix Teams Up with North Star Scientific to Revolutionise Life Sciences in North America

Crafting a Future Beyond Cryopreservation - One Hedgehog at a Time 

Newcastle, UK - Wednesday 26th June 2024 –   

Atelerix, the pioneers of hypothermic gel-based technology for room temperature preservation of live cells, tissues, and viruses, is thrilled to announce a game-changing collaboration with North Star Scientific, a pioneering sales agency specialising in the Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, and Healthcare industries. This partnership aims to amplify Atelerix's sales reach across North America, a region that already accounts for 50% of our sales. 


Say goodbye to the icy grip of traditional storage and shipping methods! Atelerix’s innovative, shelf-stable solutions are inspired by none other than the humble hedgehog, renowned for its ability to thrive in varying temperatures. Just like our spiny friends, our products adapt effortlessly, eliminating the need for cryologistics. Together with North Star Scientific, we are ready to take this hedgehog-approved technology to new heights. 


Why North Star Scientific? 

North Star Scientific's team combines over 75 years of expertise in the Life Sciences industry as sales leaders working at top companies like PerkinElmer, Corning, Eppendorf, Bio-Rad, Metrohm, BD, ThermoFisher, and Bio-Techne. They are constantly striving to exceed customer expectations. The team’s consultative sales approach, driven by empathy and a genuine commitment to solving problems, makes them the perfect partner for Atelerix.


Pat Téa, Founder of North Star Scientific, commented: 

"Joining forces with Atelerix is like a hedgehog curling up into a perfect ball – it just fits. Their innovative products are set to revolutionize the industry, and we’re excited to be a part of this journey, helping more customers experience the green side of science." 


The Perks of Partnership 

For Atelerix, partnering with North Star Scientific is like having a team of hedgehogs paving the way – agile, adaptive, and always ready to roll. North Star Scientific team’s industry knowledge, growth mindset, and commitment to long-term success are incredibly attractive for a product manufacturer like Atelerix, poised to proliferate our brand and products across the world. 


This collaboration promises a long and fruitful partnership, bringing innovative solutions to the doorstep of more customers and contributing to the success story of sustainable science. 


A Hedgehog's Perspective on the Future 

Atelerix’s hypothermic gel-based technology is more than just a cool alternative; it’s a warm embrace for the environment. By enabling our customers to ship sustainably, we offer a greener side of science. Think of it as carpooling for your cells, with the assurance that they’ll always arrive fresh and ready for action. 


About Atelerix: 

Crafting shelf-stable science inspired by hedgehogs, Atelerix addresses the cryopreservation headache with a gel that doesn’t need to be cold. Setting cells, tissues, and viruses free from traditional storage and shipping methods, Atelerix is the future of bioscience where storage is easy, and cells are always fresh. 


About North Star Scientific: 

Unlocking Opportunities, Driving Results, and Making a Difference is what we do. We are your Trusted Partner for Life Sciences Sales Excellence. Specializing in the Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, and Healthcare industries, we partner with reputable global manufacturers to help our customers achieve their goals faster and exceed their expectations. 


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