Atelerix supports lifETIME CDT

Atelerix supports lifETIME CDT

The EPSRC-SFI Joint Centre for Doctoral Training in Engineered Tissues for Discovery, Industry and Medicine (lifETIME CDT) is a partnership between the University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, Aston University and CÚRAM – Science Foundation Ireland at the University of Galway.

The lifETIME CDT will train innovation leaders in drug discovery and regenerative medicine through development of bioengineered humanised 3D models, microfluidics, diagnostics and sensing platforms, focusing on developing technologies that replace and reduce use of animals in research.

Research students within lifETIME complete a 4-year PhD and undertake a range of skills training designed to help them network and develop leadership skills. The cohort-based training will forge a UK community of over 80 talented researchers with high value skills sought by the market and who can deliver change.

In partnership with industry, the lifETIME CDT co-create 4-year PhD projects to address industry specific challenges. In collaboration the lifETIME CDT, Atelerix have co-created two research projects and work together with lifETIME academics to support and supervisor the research students. The lifETIME CDT highly values the partnership with Atelerix, and the opportunities this creates to deliver enhanced training for our students.

The CDT students work with Atelerix on projects where room temperature storage of cells 3D models would be an advantage to make cold chain simpler or the envisaged tissue easier to use.

If you would like to learn more about lifETIME CDT please contact Matthew Dalby ( and Michelle Carmichael (


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