Photo: John Millard.

The freezing and thawing of cells and tissues through cryogenics can be hugely damaging, and these cells often die or change their function in the process.

Often, these critical changes go unnoticed until it’s too late due to late-onset cell death pathways. The drive to reduce and replace animal testing in modern drug discovery processes leads to the use of increasingly complex cell models (including 3D systems) to maximise physiological relevance. The downside is that this makes them more fragile – particularly when stored or transported.

At Atelerix, our aim is ultimately to preserve cell function and consistently deliver viable cells and tissues, extending the shelf life of critical cell models and therapies.

Our innovative method is a revolutionary approach to transporting cells across the world meaning your cells reach your customers safely, while eliminating the high costs and risks of expedited shipments of cryopreserved packages.