Dr Mick McLean

Mick is a chemist by training, a biologist by inclination and a business leader by experience. He’s the CEO and a co-founder of Atelerix. His PhD in nucleic acids chemistry from the University of Birmingham was followed by postdocs in molecular biology with Bob Wells at UAB and in drug-DNA interactions with Michael Waring in Cambridge, before joining the start-up ICI Diagnostics. 

Over a 30 year industrial career, he has raised money and led multiple new ventures and start-up companies in the life sciences, ranging from drug discovery and development to pharmaceutical manufacturing, research tools and contract research. Driven by commercialising great science and growing businesses, his weak spot is that he’s easily enthralled by fervent winemakers, and plans to join their ranks and own his own vineyard one day…

An innovative solution for storing and transporting cells and tissues at room temperature.