Dr. Clive Stanway

Clive trained as a scientist in cell and molecular biology at Imperial College and Oxford University, rising to junior faculty status. He transitioned into cancer drug discovery and development firstly at Xenova and Prolifix, and subsequently at Cancer Research UK where he established and led a pharmaceutical standard team.  

Over Clive’s career, he has been involved in projects which have matured from discovery status into clinical development. Clive was part of the executive team in the commercial arm of Cancer Research UK, and during that time, it grew to have an interest in 4 drugs on the market and multi-million pound revenues.  

This team were also the intellectual property contributor to many cancer therapeutic and diagnostic start-up companies. Clive was a significant driver in the initiation and completion of various deals in the pharmaceutical sector, including companies such as Celgene and FORMA Therapeutics. In recent times, he has chosen to become an independent drug discovery and development advisor with several client companies.

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