Atelerix Ltd, innovators in the storage and transport of cells at room temperature, has been chosen to participate in SLAS’s prestigious Innovation AveNEW at SLAS’s 2021 Digital International Conference and Exhibition, taking place online on January 25-27, 2021 at

The selection committee concluded that Atelerix’s new product will have a significant impact on the field of life sciences discovery and technology. WellReady™ is used for the transport of live cells in microtiter plates at room temperature thus avoiding damaging freeze-thaw processes and so will enable the drug discovery community to produce assay-ready plates for cellular assays. The judges made the Innovation AveNEW selection, commenting that Atelerix’s WellReady™ showed clarity of vision, a significant market opportunity and demonstrated compelling science and technology.

The Atelerix technology encapsulates cells in alginate gel, which enables unfrozen human cells to be transported safely between 2°C and 25°C to help preserve and extend their functional viability and potency. For the SLAS community, WellReady™ is a paradigm-changing technology as the community uses cellular models for both early drug discovery and mechanism of action studies. Though cryopreservation is often considered, these complex cellular models used in drug discovery are very susceptible to damage by freeze-thaw cycles.  WellReady™ offers a superior alternative to the challenges of deep-freeze processes and cryologistics.

SLAS is an international professional society of academic, industry and government life sciences researchers coupled with the developers and providers of laboratory automation technology.  SLAS advances scientific innovation by providing education, collaboration and professional development that unites scientists across disciplines and transforms research.

Atelerix is a UK based biotechnology company that is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and has an R&D and production facility in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. It offers a range of encapsulation products for preservation of cells in suspension, adherent or plated cells and even for tissue samples.  All these products can be used to ship biological material at room temperature, avoiding deep-freeze processes and cryologistics and so retaining the viability and integrity of the encapsulated material.

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